Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reflection 2

I have learned to much in my journey through EDEM630 so far. One of the most interesting things has been applying change to the models. The learning/Adoption trajectory has been the most meaningful so far, and I found it easy to apply to my research in Assigment 1.1.
The MOOC was really interesting and full on. At 1 point I was totally overwhelmed and emailed Niki and Wayne about the prospect of withdrawing. I thank them for their support and encouragement. I have now submitted assignment 1.1 and will submit 1.2 by the end of this week.
I have completed my scenario matrix but I still have a lot of work to do around this before I really understand the whole concept. I am hoping this will come through my work on Ass 1.2.
Scenario planning seems like a plausible and sensible way to go about running life in general. I think it is so vital to look through to the present, not live in the past. We have started to use this in our planning, instead of going historically with how we have been teaching, we have been looking at how to move forward and what we actually need to teach the students. It will be interesting to see what ERO think in Term 4 Week 1.
I am very pleased we were given an extension on our assignments. This is one of the most supportive courses I have been enrolled in by distance learning. I have enjoyed getting to know people through Twitter and their blogs. It has definitely given me a sense of belonging within our group. The sp4Ed feed is very cool, although everytime I log in it makes me feel as though I am not contributing enough. I do have to remind myself to check in all places for feedback and support. I have saved all my webpages to visit into my EDEM630 folder on my bookmarks bar (something I learned this year and sooo helpful).
I feel that there has been so much knowledge for me to get my head around and not enough time for me to do it. I am really enjoying the learning, and I am just managing to sneak enough time in for the basics but feel as tough there is so much more to it.
Every week I have had to prioritize something whether it has been work, motherhood, or study.  This weekend has been interesting...I finally felt like I had everything under control and then on Fri morning we had the scare of our life with Tyler waking up with croup and not being able to breathe in properly....So we had the ambulance and our Dr here at 4am. They put oxygen on her with adrenline in it (who knew) and gave her steroids. She perked up and we kept her on steroids for the next night and she is much better, phew...... had Friday off with her which was actually very refreshing and just so nice to have a day with my girl. We then set up for our open home on Sat, Tyler woke up coughing and then vomited all over the freshly mopped tiles on our way out...had to laugh!! Finally got out the door and over to Nanas so dave and I could go out for my cousins 30th last night....then back onto the computer today for some more study.....I don't think I could have scenario planned for that one.

Some questions I still have...How can we motivate teachers who are still unsure of technology?
Will ict become part of a BTchLn qualification? It would be interesting to see with the likes of Wayne and Niki being on staff at UC if scenario planning was used for our qualifications if things changed, or they may have since I graduated.

Looking forward to finishing Ass 1.2


  1. Hi Arnika, I enjoyed reading your post and I feel sorry for you in the hectic pace of life. You sound really busy. Keep chipping away at the paper, I too feel overwhelmed at times with this and the other papers I am doing. Sooo much work! I am just finishing my 1.1. Keep going! Thank you for your honesty here, it is supportive to read others highs and lows and you are not alone. I really like the look of your blog. When I have time I will work on mine more.

  2. Hi Darren,
    Sorry I have only just checked in here. Thanks for your comments. I feel as though we have become very supportive of each other and I am really glad I hung in there. Yes life is busy, but I think we are all busy in our own ways. I am currently up in the north island having some time with family friends. Amazing what the beach and a bit of girl time can do for the spirit.