Sunday, September 8, 2013

Elearning planning framework

I have selected a small rural Primary school in the South Island of New Zealand. The school had a role of 90 students and has 5 Teachers. The schools current e-learning approach is characterised by 1:1 learning in one classroom, a couple of passionate staff and a Board of trustees who in the past has been supportive of e-learning. 
  • Summary of the 5 areas
Leadership and strategic direction
This school is at an engaging level. There is a strong management team in place. The skills from management are constantly being shared with staff, and there is professional development apparent within the school around e-learning. There is also an expectation that Teachers are aware of the e-learning going on in the school and have input as to where to next.

Professional Learning
I would say the school is at an extending level. This is supported by the networking available for Teachers in the wider community associated with the school. There is also quite a bit of professional development available through funding from the MOE which has supported the professional development of the staff. The school has just started using the Teacher as Inquiry model as part of their Appraisal process. Their next step is to use this as part of their professional development and needs around ICT.

Beyond the Classroom
The school is at the engaging level. They have constant communication with the BOT about their successes and hopeful next steps in technology. The parent community are fully aware of the integration of ICT into the classrooms, but their are no reports as such as to how it is going.

Technologies and Infrastructure
The school is at the emergent level. The school has quite a few resources but there isn't a collaborative feel through out classrooms. The support within the school is focused around professional development, not so much the technologies. Some of the technology is outraged and running into problems, and the infrastructure is not totally capable of running all the wireless devices available at the same time.

Teaching and Learning
The school again would be at an emergent level. Although some of the classes may be technology rich and practising integration into other curriculum areas and assessment, it is not school wide.

The evidence comes from observations of classroom practice.  I also had numerous conversations with staff and the principal of the school.

Disclaimer: This assessment was conducted as a personal learning exercise to gain understanding of the eLPF and the assessments are restricted to public documentation without detailed insights into all organisational processes.

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