Sunday, October 6, 2013

EDEM630 Assignment 2.1 Final Reflections and Participation Requirements

Assignment 2.1 

Two learning reflections:
Two E-activities:

I am currently sitting in Raglan looking out at the sea. This week I will be attending ULEarn in Hamilton where I feel a lot of the new knowledge and skills I have gained through this course will come into context.
It certainly has been a journey. Taking on this paper proved to be challenging and full on, but I am feeling confident as I am about to upload my final assignment.
I have appreciated the support from Wayne and Niki and all of our classmates throughout.
I have really enjoyed becoming a Tweeter, and the networking that has all happened before me has been priceless.
As I type my final reflections I think back to when it all started and I felt so incredibly overwhelmed by the work expectation and the information overload. I wondered what I was doing taking on motherhood, full time work and another University paper. Now, as a result I am feeling a real sense of achievement. All going well I have a paper to choose from the Masters section next year and I will have my Post Grad all done and dusted.
Scenario Planning has supported me to change the way I look at implementation of technology into schools. I have been lucky enough to be embarking on a new employment opportunity as Microsoft Education Specialist through Cyclone Computers as of October 21st. Part of my job is supporting schools to implement new technologies and changes. I feel as though the new knowledge I now have of changes in digital technologies will absolutely support me in my new role. I think Scenario Planning is a vital tool and I am so excited that I will get the chance to share my knowledge with a wealth of educators across New Zealand.
I have enjoyed reading others posts and contributions. Everytime I have felt a certain way it has been nice to know there are others feeling that way too, at the end of the day we all got through it.
I have enjoyed setting up and using the blog. The reflections have been meaningful and are a great tool to go back over to 'reflect' on how I felt earlier and see how far I have come.
The MOOC was full on. It was a great opportunity to be a part of it and get a real feeling of the remix of media first hand. I have since seen the word MOOCs used a lot on Twitter and it is refreshing to know what people are talking about. I definitely have a wider vocabulary and comprehension of digital technologies and issues surrounding them.
The change models I have referred to in my articles will definitely support me in my new role which is really fantastic. It is so great to be able to shift the knowledge I have fined into a new context for me and still be able to use it...maybe my own wee remix....
I have added my Self Assessment Rubric below.


  1. Hi Arnika!

    I like what you said about the challenge and sometimes overwhelming workload making you feel a real sense of achievement. I feel the same way! I thought I was a bit crazy too, and I don't have kids yet, so I can't imagine how you did it. You are inspiring!

    Have a great summer!


  2. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. The trick is to have a wonderful babydadda!! Seriously old not have done it without him.
    You too have an awesome summer